About Us

Managed by a professional group of facade professionals we at Facade India Testing Inc. (FITI) have been instrumental in the design and engineering of very high performing glazing systems to compliment the very complex architectural design intent for articulation in facades, to international standards. Our delivered designs have been successfully tested to high wind loads (up to 8kpa) and water tightness to 1500 Pa. Brigade Gateway (World Trade Centre) Bangalore & Kohinoor Square (Mumbai) are High End Tall Tower Projects with 100,000 sq.mtr Facades each with very high complex requirements.

We have been tagged as "Pioneers" having established a world class facade performance testing laboratory in India (Largest Test Facility in Asia with 18 test Rigs) at Murbad near Mumbai. The facility continues to offer its services to the architectural industry and is being regularly used by global consultants.

Why Us

Facade India Testing Inc. (FITI): We are a specialized facade consultancy firm that has from its humble beginnings in 2004 grown to be the acknowledged leader in facades here in India and is today recognized as the one company that presents a complete chapter in facades. FITI offers façade consultancy, system design and performance testing of curtain walls, windows and cladding, all under one name. Our clientele base representing an enviable mix from various sectors and industries comprising government institutions, to corporate houses, to vendors, have been associated with us consistently for their many projects over many years thus advocating to the testimony of our superior design capabilities and endorsing the functional and performing product offerings. The reason for this continued association with prominent names in the industry is primarily due to

Our commitment towards excellence. Even today a significant part of our revenues continue to be gained from being called on to new projects by our existing clients based on our past deliverables.

We are known as “Pioneers” having set up the first façade performance testing laboratory way back in 2004 when facades in general was at its infancy and the field of facades was not recognized as a specialized activity.

Our laboratory has been acclaimed and accepted as the finest within the Asia Pacific region by opinions leaders and influencers from within the construction industry. Acknowledged as being the largest with 18 chambers our facility is also recognized as employing the “finest” in terms of processes, machinery and data acquisition methods.

Our understanding gained from over 250 plus performance tests of different systems under various configurations of design involving various materials under different pressures, loads and stresses provide us with an intuitive understanding of the physical mechanics shaping a building.

This appreciation and the learning gained from the specific behaviour of materials allows us to offer the most “OPTIMAL” in design, thus saving the client from the uncertainty of under design while at the same time safeguarding against escalating costs dues to over design.

We are the only façade consultancy company that also offers “SYSTEM DESIGN” and “TESTING” as additional verticals. Our 100% success rate in offering 100% solutions to weather, structural and seismic conditions along with the “range of services” we offer and the “depth” to which we offer these services remain unmatched in the industry.

In the vast experience we have gained as a team (our core team of design engineers have a total of over 125 years) we have garnered the expertise to value engineer the design of the system, its individual components to provide viable commercial solutions suited to local needs.

Performance and Cost savings are the two pivots around which our value engineering has always revolved. In certain cases we have saved clients in excess of 60 crores and we continue to provide value additions in regard to quality of processing, materials and even floor space by our design capabilities. FITI quality standards and control ensure compliance and cooperation from suppliers. Our value addition, due to our standing and reputation within the façade fraternity extends to even negotiating revised rates from suppliers and expediting deliveries.